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Aster CMI Hospital
Address: No. 43/2, New Airport Road, NH.7, Hebbal, Sahakara Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092

Aster RV Hospital
Address: CA-37, 24th Main Rd, ITI Layout, 1st Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

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Spine 360: Defining Our Identity

We are a group of spine specialist specialising in medical treatments for a variety of spinal conditions. Boasting a team of highly proficient and extensively experienced minimally invasive spine surgeons and endoscopic spine surgeons, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled care for our patients.

When you entrust your spine care to Spine 360, you can rest assured that you have come to the best spine surgeon in Bangalore. We believe every patient deserves excellent care, respect and compassion. Our goal is to provide patients with a comprehensive, highly informative and useful resource for understanding, preventing, and seeking appropriate treatment for back and neck pain and related conditions.

Collaborating closely with our vision and mission is a team of highly skilled surgeons driven by an unwavering dedication to innovative spinal surgery. At Spine 360, every patient is exceptional, and their medical demands are distinctive. This understanding allows us to provide tailored medical care for every person who walks through our doors. In a nutshell, we restore your spine to restore your confidence in life.

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Spine 360: Highlights

Patients treated
Years of service

Spinal Conditions Treated by Our Spine Specialist in Bangalore

Spine 360 is equipped with the best spine specialists in Bangalore for multiple spine-related therapies. We treat:
Profile picture of  Dr. Umesh Srikantha, M.CH (NEUROSURGERY).

Dr. Umesh Srikantha

Spine 360 is the brainchild of Dr Umesh Srikantha, a renowned neurosurgeon and Head of Spine Services at Aster CMI Hospital. He is a specialist in minimally invasive spine surgery. With extensive training from multiple countries, he has performed nearly 2000 Minimally Invasive spine procedures and over 4500 brain and spine surgeries. Dr. Umesh Srikantha has trained over 250 surgeons through 70 advanced programs. He holds an MBBS from Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences and completed his M.Ch in Neurosurgery from NIMHANS, Bangalore. He furthered his training with a Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in South Korea. An avid professional, Dr. Srikantha has actively participated in conferences and has multiple publications to his name.
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Our Healing Approach
We heal your spine and heal your life

We strive to provide excellent healthcare rooted in compassion, empathy, and care, leveraging the latest treatments that ensure the best possible outcomes.
Medical Assessments
Finding the root cause of your spinal issue and finding it as soon as possible gives us the time required to diagnose your underlying condition. We rely on various tests to pinpoint the underlying cause and decide the right course of treatment.
Spinal Therapy
Based on the initial diagnosis, we chart our course of treatment with a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, ergonomic modifications to suit your physical limitations, and empathetic counselling sessions to address any psychological factors that may contribute to the condition.
Spinal Surgeries
Our patients consider us the best spine surgeon in Bangalore because of our approach to selecting surgical intervention only when there is a significant risk of untreated compressed nerves. Our surgeons are experts in performing the latest spinal surgeries with the most advanced medical technologies.
Comprehensive Rehabilitation
A spinal treatment is complete only when the patient undergoes rehabilitation to restore their normalcy. Our rehab processes educate individuals on preventive strategies through lifestyle modifications and targeted exercises.
A happy doctor with a stethoscope.

Spine Care is Only a Call Away

Attaining a pain-free life through minimally invasive spine surgery and endoscopic spine surgery is within reach. Reach out to our team to regain your spinal health.
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Why Choose Spine 360
Here’s where pain ends and wellness begins

Spine 360 is a unique healthcare institution fully dedicated to expert and individualised spinal care for patients of all ages. At the very essence of everything we do lies the aim to facilitate a high-quality life devoid of the suffering and unease caused by spinal problems.

Our speciality lies in our effort to offer minimally invasive surgeries and procedures for effective pain relief, functional restoration, physical independence, and better life quality. Spine 360 is also reputed for:
Access to the best spine surgeons in Bangalore. Our surgical team is simply the best in the city.
High-quality scans with intraoperative 3D image technique for detailed reconstruction of spinal anatomy to identify critical structures.
Minimally invasive spine surgeries ensure minimum blood loss, shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery, and excellent surgical outcomes.
Navigation-guided spinal surgery for accurate, safe, and effective screw placement.
Intraoperative neuromonitoring to monitor the safety of particular nerves and the spinal cord during surgery.
An evidence-based approach to achieve an accurate diagnosis and determine the right course of therapy.
Patient-centric care combined with the latest medical technologies and spinal health methodologies.

Hear it From Our Patients

The testimonials featured here are authentic accounts from actual patients who have made use of our services. To uphold and respect the privacy of these individuals, their names are intentionally concealed.

Informative Videos

Spine Insights

A doctor is administering a spine injection to a patient in the spinal cord.
Exploring the Different Types of Spinal Injections for Pain Relief
Imagine regaining control of your life, free from the grips of persistent back and neck pain. You might not find the relief you need from typical treatments, leading you to consider spinal injections. These range from epidural steroid injections to nerve blocks, each crafted to ease pain and enhance function. Spine 360 offers these minimally […]
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A boy child suffering from Scoliosis disease.
Essential Insights into Scoliosis Disease
Consider the role your spine plays in overall health. When it bends abnormally, a condition known as Scoliosis Disease emerges, posing challenges for many. This is not just about a crooked back. It is about how such a bend can affect your daily activities and future health. Knowing about and responding to signs of Scoliosis […]
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Image of a doctor showing x-ray of spine to senior man at hospital illustrates the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery types for spine surgery.
A Comprehensive Guide to Types of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Does your spine require surgery to strengthen or rectify it? Say goodbye to painful major surgical options. Minimally invasive spine surgery options are better to fix various issues. Why? There’s lesser post-surgical pain and quicker recovery. Surgeries like discectomy and spinal fusion, along with new treatments like disc arthroplasty, aim to better your life. Being […]
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The image illustrates a man with lower back pain.
Essential Ways to Avoid Back Pain for a Stronger Spine
Ever feel that dull ache in your back after hours at your desk? It's no stranger to many who sit for work. Your spine, the core of your body's structure, needs regular care to stay fit. Want to know how to keep your back pain-free and your spine strong? Read on for insights into practices […]
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